Flashers and Floaters Treatment

No Treatment

When patients present to most eye doctors with floaters, the common theme is to tell them that they should not worry about the floaters, that they will “go away” or you will “get used to them” as your brain adapts and they will “disappear” from interfering with your vision. Certain floaters can sink to the bottom of our eye with time. However if the floater remains central after 3-6 months it is unlikely to change in the near future.

Surgical Intervention

A full vitrectomy – the removal of the vitreous fluid, replaced with a balanced electrolyte solution, is a “cure” of last resort. Also, a new surgical technique of micro-incision vitrectomy might offer a less intrusive surgical intervention. However, because the eye is entered, there is always a risk of infection and loss of the eye. Also, there are other potential risks with any vitrectomy surgery, such as cataracts, retinal tears, bleeds or retinal detachments.

Laser Therapy

The most efficient and painless method is YAG laser ablation to obliterate the floaters. It is much safer and less expensive than vitrectomy.Laser Therapy