The Laser Floater Ablation Procedure

Virtually every person has experienced or will experience floaters in their lifetime. For most, this goes away, but for some, they can last until treated and can be a disabling condition. Are you experiencing this annoying condition? Now, there is a treatment that can solve these cases for most of our patients!

The YAG Laser treatment quicker, less costly than a vitrectomy, and is effective in 92% of cases. Some patients are told that they have to "learn to live with the floater" and that a vitrectomy is the only treatment. But at Total Eye Care Center, we are proud to offer a better solution with the YAG laser! If you are suffering with annoying, distracting floaters in your vision, read on about the YAG Laser Surgery!

Some of the benefits of YAG Laser treatment for floaters include:

With this amazing treatment, patients are going back to living their lives distraction free! This is a great relief for patients who have been suffereing with floaters for many years. At Total Eye Care Centers, we are excited to provide our patients with a life without visually-disturbing floaters. With this quick, safe and effective treatment, we can have you in and out in no time, leaving your floaters behind!

The YAG laser used to vaporize the floater is the same type of laser used on patients after cataract surgery, and for patients with narrow angle glaucoma. Dr. Lavrich will be using the Ellex YAG laser which has been specially designed for this procedure. After dilating the pupil, a numbing eye drop is put on the surface of the eye and a special contact lens is placed on the eye. The laser is carefully aimed, and the floater or floaters are either vaporized with the laser, or the floater's attachments are vaporized so that the floater is repositioned to a different part of the eye. This disruption also helps the eye to absorb any remaining particles. 

Floaters can be a sign of retinal tear or detachment, which requires other treatment. It is important to contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing floaters or flashes suddenly when you previously did not have them, or if you are experiencing them more frequently. If you have any questions or concerns, call Total Eye Care Centers in Lawrenceville, Levittown and Newtown and we will gladly assist you.