I was highly impressed with Dr. Lavrich's skills as a laser surgeon. The procedure did not take long and the results were great. I no longer have a large dark floater obstructing my vision. I felt some irritation in my eye after the procedure which cleared up after a couple of hours. After that, my eye felt completely normal.
-Sarai N

After having cataract surgery I developed a very large floater in my right eye.  Different options were proposed and I settled on the laser ablation. This was a first for myself, of course, and for Dr. Lavrich. I had complete confidence and faith in Dr. Lavrich, and we got through it together. However, I still have the floater but not as bad as it initially was, therefore a second ablation has been scheduled. I knew I couldn't live with the floater so the laser was the only way to go.  The experience was a little nerve racking, with some hiccups along the way, but then we were done. I was advised that it might take an hour or so, however, it took maybe 30 minutes and it really didn't seem like that long - we no sooner got started and it was over. There was no pain what so ever, before, during or afterwards. The only negative was all the drops before and after, but understandably necessary. The cost was fair and reasonable but not covered by any insurance. I have complete faith in the Doctors at Total Eye Care, especially Dr. Lavrich. She was very concerned about me and the procedure. I did not have any real fear going into the first laser ablation and won't for the second either. Dr. Lavrich is very knowledgeable and a qualified professional.  
-Margie F